Recruitment & Interim Management

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Industrial Gas Companies are seeking to expand their businesses in high growth segments such as the developing countries, energy and the environment through the next decade.

Sustaining competitive advantage will depend on how they can expand their global presence whilst ensuring effective and efficient local execution.

Shareholders expect their senior management teams create genuine value for all stakeholders. They expect Senior Management teams to decrease risks and uncertainties in a dynamic business environment.

Senior Management

Senior Management teams are generally spearheading growth where their companies are well positioned in terms of their global business models and general infrastructure. However, they are well aware that recruiting, retaining and developing new global business leaders and new local business managers, is the key to decreasing risks and uncertainties in a dynamic, competitive environment. Globally driven projects and sound local business execution are the critical success factors for creating sustained stakeholder value.

Business Leaders

Top Tier strategic business leaders drive market penetration and expansion, through businesses to market leadership and thus contribute to the triple bottom line of their companies. Local business managers execute business projects effectively and efficiently to ensure that their companies’ competitive advantage is realized.

Senior Executives

Senior Executives and Local Managers of the Baby Boomer generation are now leaving the permanent job market and E-Recruiting, Globalization and High Demand are increasing competition for the recruitment of their replacements.

To meet these challenges Industrial Gas Companies need professional partners with deep knowledge of the industry, business executive background and reliable global executive search network.

How Esprit Can Help

Esprit Associates Recruitment can provide:

  • Seasoned industrial gas managers for Start-up, Expansions, Ventures, Turnaround, M&A, Restructering
  • Operational Managers: Plant Managers, Logistics Managers, Sales Regional Managers, Procurement Managers, HR Managers.

...through our extensive business network worldwide.

We offer flexible assignments: Permanent, Interim, Service Contracts.

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